The art of printing

A passion for art


A passion for art and quality

For more than 80 years, a passion for art has determined the high standards worldwide for perfect reproduction at Cantz – whether in print or as digital media. Along with the highest print quality, finest paper grades and the finishing process, we offer high-end technologies in all areas of production. Our solutions with their aesthetic appeal and high reproduction quality are therefore in high demand among creative talents and at museums, galleries and artists throughout the world. Commercial enterprises likewise demand the highest quality for their exclusive projects, so that their communication conveys the perfect brand experience. Put your trust in the long tradition of expertise of Cantz in Ostfildern! Simply get in touch with us, and our competent media team will be pleased to advise you.


Premium magazines and art books

We at Cantz specialise in the conception, layout and production of premium magazines and high-quality art books. We have decades of experience in this area, with highly qualified employees and innovative production techniques. None of our publications is merely a print product – but a formally exquisite celebration of art and aesthetics.


Impressive results

The eye can distinguish around 2.5 to 7 million nuances of colour – not even the smallest detail escapes the notice of the high-performance human optical system. Only a faithful reproduction of the original can ensure colour fidelity, sharpness and brilliance that enable the printed product to match the original and enthuse the beholder. Our offset printing is enhanced by high-resolution raster scans, four-colour or multicolour printing, the Cantz duplex/triplex process with richly pigmented dyes and extended colour spaces such as Aniva, and not least with cold-foil technology. With a combination of
all these possibilities, we can conjure up for you the most demanding motifs in unprecedented light and colour intensity
for the most varied of publications such as photo books, picture and art volumes, exhibition catalogues, image brochures and special editions.


Small circulations with a big impact

We conceive, design and produce sophisticated small-circulation book editions for you in flexible digital printing: whether
for limited editions, test editions, special publications, books in different language versions or on-demand reprints for optimisation of your storage and production costs – at Cantz almost anything is possible, in optimum print quality and
even at very short notice. For a particularly distinctive effect we can also print your publications in unusual formats or use special paper grades.


Optimal image data processing

We are passionately devoted to the digitisation and image processing of the motifs of your artworks and products. Our service encompasses photographing, digitising and scanning pictures in the studio or on location in all formats, along with image processing, colour comparison against the original, retouching and preparation for medium-neutral subsequent application of the data. We will also take care of studio master imaging, in which we create a master dataset that provides maximum colour information for every conceivable application – also in the future. And with our mobile master imaging we generate calibrated, binding colour proofs, even directly on location.


Systematic data management

For the efficient administration of large volumes of data we use high-performance, intelligent database systems that ensure an optimal workflow. For you, this means that you do not have to take care of anything yourself – your data are absolutely secure with us, and you have permanent access to them. We leave nothing to chance: highly qualified IT specialists personally manage your data and guarantee secure transfer. On request, we generate online work directories for artists
and programme intuitive platforms or shop systems. Simply contact us; we from Cantz will devise a tailor-made solution together with you!

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